Tricks To Do When Buying Chests

Trick 1 (my favorite one)

Look at the last card in the chest and count the stars. If it has 1-2 stars buy a wooden, if 3 buy gold and 4-5 buy a magical. Do this and you will get more new cards.

Trick 2

Start off with buying wooden chests and buy until the last card is 3 stars or more. Then move to the golden chest and continue buying until the last card is 4 stars or golden. Then start buying magical chests until the last card is golden. After this step, start over and repeat.

Trick 3

Buy 20 chests of each type. Example: 20 wooden, 20 gold and 20 magical

Trick 4

When reaching a new level, build all your village objects to 2 stars each. Then start buying chests.

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