Some Helpful Tips And Tricks

Send more than 5 cards per day: Change the phone's date in settings 24 hours forward.


Feeding Pet: When you feed a pet and are done using/playing, select a different pet. And that timer will stop and the pet will stay active.


Get more rare cards: Some people will give away free rare cards on Facebook groups. Ones you get one you will start getting more of the same easier when opening new chests. The extras you get you can trade for new rare cards.


Super bet: If you get super bet enabled and never go under 5 spins. You will keep super betting at x5 as long as you don't go under.


Buying chests: look at the last card in the chest and count the stars. If it has 1-2 stars buy a wooden, if 3 buy gold and 4-5 buy a magical. Do this and you will get more new cards. If you have bought coins for a hundred of millions and you don't get any new cards. I would recommend moving to the next level. Just make sure there aren't any rare cards left to find.

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